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Burst Pipe Damage Repair Services in Connecticut

Burst Pipe Repair Services in Rochester and Buffalo, NY

Through the years, home builders have used a variety of materials for plumbing products in American homes. Depending on where you live and when your home was constructed, your pipes could be made of anything from galvanized steel to cast iron, copper, PVC or ABS. 

Regardless of the material used, it was selected to meet the durability requirements of your region and stand up to the roughest weather conditions imaginable. For homeowners in Rochester and Buffalo, New York, those conditions can get downright brutal during a winter blizzard. Sometimes, Mother Nature wins and a pipe will burst in sub-freezing temperatures. On other occasions, a build-up of debris can cause a pipe to burst.  

Either way, the licensed professionals from Rapid Rooter Plumbing stand ready to help at a moment's notice with top-quality plumbing services. Our company has created satisfied customers for more than a decade throughout Western New York and welcomes the opportunity to add you to that list!

There is More than One Way to Burst a Pipe 

Whenever you flush your toilet or drain the water from your sink, debris gets caught up in the flow. Normally, these tiny items are flushed out when through your pipes but that is not always the case. On occasion, they clump up and form an obstruction that blocks the passageway inside the pipe. This creates pressure when the water and the blockage meet. When the pipe no longer can hold the force between the two elements, it will burst.

During the coldest months of the year, the reason for a burst pipe is more obvious. Instead of a foreign object, frozen water within the pipe will create a clog and cause it to burst. 

Whether created by sub-freezing temperatures or a collection of debris, a burst pipe is not an easy fix. Depending on the location of the pipe, you could be in danger of creating an indoor flood or a flooded basement until the flow of water stops. The clean-up from either could be monumental, especially if mold, mildew and disease-causing bacteria enter your home.

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