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Tips to Prevent Basement Flooding

If your home is in an area that is prone to flooding and it rains, you should take measures to ensure that you don’t wake up to a flooded basement the next day. A flooded basement can bring about more problems than the simple accumulation of water in the lowest part of your home. It can actually usher in structural damages and bring about serious diseases if left unattended for an extended period of time.

While you can surely contact someone to drain and dry your basement for you when this happens, it's always best to follow standard procedures to prevent basement flooding rather than dealing with it when it happens. Here are some tips you can use to help prevent basement flooding in your home:

Tips to Prevent Basement Flooding

  • Keep your gutters and downspouts clean – when your gutters are clogged and your downspouts are clogged, water that is supposed to be directed away from your home may find itself falling at the base of your home. This is because the water cannot flow through your gutter and down your downspouts, but instead is falling in a cascade over the side of your roof and to the base of your home. This can bring about flooding in your basement.
  • Have a sump pump ready and working – having a sump pump system installed in your basement is a great way to prevent floods from happening in your basement. It is not enough, however, to just have a sump pump in your basement. It has to be in good working condition so that it will activate itself the moment water enters its basin. This will require regular maintenance and checking to ensure that it will work when you need it to.
  • Ensure your basement is properly waterproofed – some basements experience flooding due to insufficient waterproofing. With ample basement waterproofing, you can ensure that water seepage and subsequent flooding won’t happen in your basement.

When, despite all your efforts to prevent flooding, you still find your basement flooded, you will need to contact an expert to help you drain and dry your basement. In Rochester and Buffalo, New York, the company to call for this is Rapid Rooter Plumbing. We can help you take care of your flooded basement and we can also help you with other repair and cleanup needs like toilet repairs, plumbing overflow cleanup, water heater repairs, and frozen or burst pipe repairs.

To get the help you need when these problems arise, don’t think twice to contact us at 585-209-5153. Our friendly operators are on standby to answer your calls and to dispatch help when you need it.