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Tankless Water Heater Pros and Cons

Tankless water heater pros and cons

A water heater is essential to every home. It provides you with hot water for bathing, washing, and other needs. Most older homes feature conventional water heaters, which have a tank that holds hot water and keeps it warm until you need to use it. Newer homes come with tankless water heaters that heat water on demand.

Whether you are thinking of upgrading your current unit or you are installing a new one in a new home, the choice always comes down to tanked or tankless. These days, most people opt for a tankless water heater for a number of good reasons. Here are some of them, along with some cons:

Hot water in an instant – A tankless water heater can provide you with hot water on demand. Turn on the faucet and you have hot water in an instant without waiting for it to "heat up." You should be aware that getting hot water from a tankless heater won’t provide you with an unending supply of hot water if more than one person uses the heating system.

Tanked systems often have more hot water available because they store up to 80 gallons. With tanked systems, however, there is no immediate hot water on hand. You might have to wait a long time to get your hot water because it will need to heat up the entire tank before you can use it.

Space savings – Tankless water heaters require very little space because there is no bulky 30-liter to 80-liter tank to install with it. Instead, tankless units can be installed anywhere in your home inconspicuously, with most installers opting for a wall in the basement to keep them hidden from sight.

While you save on space when it comes to tankless heaters, they can cost more initially. Additional equipment, such as water softeners, can also drive installation costs up. These heaters are also costlier than traditional ones, with the lowest-priced option at roughly $1,000.

Longer lasting and lower monthly energy costs – As expensive as tankless water heaters may be, the initial costs are outweighed by the long-term savings that you get. These heaters are known to last twice as long as those that have built-in tanks. Also worth noting is that these cost less in terms of energy since these heat up water only when you need it to.

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