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Common Causes of a Flooded Basement

Common causes of flooded basement

Homes with basements are prone to flooding because basements are located below ground level. That does not mean your basement has to flood, however. There are reasons why some basements are more likely to experience flooding.

Some common causes of a flooded basement include:

  • Lack of proper basement sealing – When you have a basement, you should ensure it is properly sealed from any outside leakage. When rainstorms happen and water seeps into your basement, it usually means that your basement was not properly sealed during the construction of your home.
  • Improper installation of downspouts – Water from your roof flows to your gutters and water from your gutters are disposed of with the help of downspouts. Proper installation of downspouts channels the water away from the base of your home. If these are improperly installed, water will pool at the base of your home. That can cause basement flooding.
  • Clogged and dirty gutters – In addition to downspouts that do not lead water away from your home, having clogged or dirty gutters can cause basement flooding. Water that flows over your gutters because they cannot take any more rainfall can cause basement flooding.
  • Leaking heaters – Most water heaters are located in the basement. When these water heaters malfunction or leak, flooding can occur. When a small leak becomes a large one, floods occur.

What to Do When Basement Flooding Happens

When you discover that your basement is flooded, you need to call a plumbing service immediately. Once you’ve contacted your trusted plumbing service, you need to turn off the power to your home to avoid electrocution before you venture into your basement.

If you can, remove items that can be salvaged and take them to higher ground to dry. Once dry, they can be restored with the help of content restoration. To prevent further flooding in your basement, you can install a sump pump.

Whatever solutions you try, you need a trustworthy plumbing service to make it happen. In Rochester and Buffalo, NY, the company to trust is Rapid Rooter. We specialize in a long list of plumbing services that include winterization of pipes, plumbing overflow repairs, garbage disposal repairs, and fixing of appliance leaks.

Get the help you need when basement flooding occurs and when you have other plumbing issues that need to be addressed. Contact us at 585-209-5153 today and schedule a free assessment and estimate.